Spotlight on “A Look Inside Google”

On May, 18th, our members were invited to Google’s headquarters in Chelsea Market. The presentation was “A Look Inside Google” and included a variety of speakers who gave us insights and examples of innovative work they are doing in the areas of cloud, analytics, AI, their digital strategy and some of their enterprise products including cloud-based HR systems. Some insight into Google’s culture provided interesting examples of how they approach problem-solving and keep employees motivated. Some of the feedback I heard was that while it may not be feasible to utilize many of Google’s products and services at this time due to “legacy” and traditional IT structures, most everyone felt they benefited by seeing where Google is going with innovation and the discussion stimulated conversations on how to think about their products in our organizations. Valuable contacts were made with Google technologists.

Google was a gracious host and provided beverages and dinner for everyone. While a good number of our members were delayed due to the buses running late, the engaging presentations and warm food more than made up for the anxiety of being late and hungry! And, for those on the bus, we had a lot of time together and had fun comparing notes at the end of the evening.

One of our members said “this was the best meeting he ever attended” at SIM!