Spotlight Article for the SIM National “Most Growth” Award

The Fairfield/Westchester Chapter of SIM has just been given an award from SIM National for achieving the Most Growth in membership in 2017. This award is granted for the most new members added in the period.

The Fairfield/Westchester Chapter currently has 251 members and is considered one of the “large” SIM chapters in the US, with only Boston, New Jersey and Philadelphia having more members.

Of the 251 members, approximately 50% are the senior most IT leader in their company.  The remaining 50% are typically direct reports to the CIO.  We have a mix of small, medium and large companies represented and a wide variety of industries, including insurance, banking, software, pharmaceuticals, manufacturing, healthcare, management consulting, IT services and higher education. The majority of our members are IT practitioners, with a smaller percentage as management consultants and vendors.

Over the last few years, we have grown our membership considerably.  Last year we added 66 new members, which was the most new members in the “large” company category, and for which we earned the award.  In fact, while other large chapters in the category were losing members, we were the only one to actually increase our membership numbers.

This achievement would not have been possible without the efforts of the entire FWSIM team.

Congratulations to everyone involved in helping to achieve this outstanding goal – Rhona Kannon for her unrelenting dedication to attract and recruit new members, Jeff Skulsky who works hard to make sure that Member Services offers our members a reason for staying with us, and everyone else who leads and contributes to our success with their work on Programs, Marketing and Communications, Arrangements, Academics,  Scholarship  and Sponsorship, STEM and other charitable work, Finance, etc.