Creating a Culture of Innovation: An Inside Look at Google

On May 18th, The Fairfield/Westchester chapter of the Society for Information Management will be sponsoring a presentation by Google executives.


Hacks, Lies, & Nation States

A hilarious and non-technical skewering of the current state of Cybersecurity, the Cybersecurity “industry”, the US Government’s ACTUAL capabilities and the surrounding media circus it creates… All from the perspective of a Hacker and the State of Connecticut’s #1 Cybersecurity expert.


Personality, Behavioral Styles, Emotional Intelligence and Leadership in IT

Learning to be an effective CIO is more than simply understanding the various functions, roles, and technologies to be managed.


The Wonder and Tangible Value of Machines that Learn

We see AI everywhere in the media, from self-driving cars to popular television series like West World and movies like Ex Machina.  Our boards, CEOs and friends ask us whether AI is real, while the press and NGOs worry about displaced labor and ethics of robot overlords.


How To Unleash The Power Of Executive Coaching

Join us on January 19th for an interactive discussion with Beverly Lieberman and Larry Bonfante on how to effectively leverage executive coaching.  Based on their extensive knowledge, they will “coach” us on when, and how, to engage a career coach. Facilitated by Greg Fell, Larry and Bev will share their stories and insights.

An effective coach can alter the course of a career – don’t miss the opportunity to be part of the conversation.

Bernadette Rotolo

What Does Digital Really Mean? A Case Study

Date: November 17th, 5:45pm Location: Doral Arrowwood, 975 Anderson Hill Road, Rye Brook, NY (Note our new time for increased networking opportunities) What Does Digital Really Mean? A Case Study The buzz […]


Disruptive Technologies

Date: October 20th, 5:45pm Location: Doral Arrowwood, 975 Anderson Hill Road, Rye Brook, NY (Note our new time for increased networking opportunities) Disruptive Technologies Four years ago, Norm Jacknis described the […]


Watson: Cognitive Discovery

Watson has come a long way since Jeopardy!

Join us for an exclusive IBM Watson cross industry cognitive session designed specifically for members of Fairfield / Westchester SIM.



World Cafe – Disruptive Technology

Advances that will transform life, business and the global economy. (McKinsey Global Institute)

New ways of doing things that disrupt or overturn the traditional business methods and practices. (Business Dictionary)

A technology that significantly alters the way that businesses operate. A disruptive technology may force companies to alter the way that they approach their business, risk losing market share or risk becoming irrelevant. (Investopedia)


What Does It Take To Be CIO of a Fortune 50 Professional Services Firm?

This is a unique program that offers insight and inspiration from the CIO of a highly successful firm. Prior to PWC, Sigal was a CIO a very large business unit of GE Capital. She will help us understand what it takes to thrive in these large and complex enterprises. We will also learn how she manages work/life balance and even has time to be an active SIM Board member.