THE CLOUD – RISK OR OPPORTUNITY? Staying Relevant in a Changing World

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2018-03-15 17:45:00 2018-03-15 21:00:00 THE CLOUD – RISK OR OPPORTUNITY? Staying Relevant in a Changing World 97 Ocean Dr W, Stamford, CT 06902 America/Toronto

Cloud computing has emerged as one of the most important strategic tools to grow a business.  However, the cloud comes with both opportunities and risks.

The Cloud allows businesses to concentrate on core competencies while outsourcing commodity IT services. It provides organizations with the ability to access the services it needs, when it needs them, scaling as required and leaving maintenance to the provider. On the flip side, legal and regulatory compliance, loss of control, potential security breaches, and effective partnerships with cloud providers are key risks that have to be managed.

In an environment where speed is the new currency, the old models that were used in the past are simply not working in today’s landscape.  Businesses need to continuously evolve to stay competitive and IT must become the growth engine or become irrelevant. While IT has made significant investments over the past several years, they are not addressing the current challenges including effective reduction of tech debt. Technology needs to adapt and enable new business models to maintain competitive advantages for the business.

Technology is no longer the sole domain of IT. The world is interconnected and technology is a core component of everything we do.  We can no longer maintain command and control over our business environments. How do we operate in this new environment? Cloud services are an important component. Larry will share his insights in making the shift from a simple environment to a complex one while still managing risks, ensuring security and supporting growth.  Please join Larry as we explore the changing paradigm of cloud computing.


The Speaker:

Larry Biagini

Larry Biagini is Chief Technology Evangelist at Zscaler. His focus is on helping customers and partners better plan and execute their inevitable move towards expanding their use of cloud services.

Prior to Zscaler, Larry was with GE for 26 years and was named a GE Company Officer.  While at GE, Larry’s focus was on contemporizing infrastructure, employee services and deploying cloud technology enabling secure usage of those services by GE’s employees, customers and partners. He held various positions in Information Technology including Vice President, IT Risk, having responsibility for all aspects of risk, governance and security.

Larry’s career has spanned 35 years in technology and he is a recognized global leader in creating environments enabling businesses to take advantage of new technologies in a reliable and secure manner.




Stamford Yacht Club, 97 Ocean Dr W, Stamford, CT 06902

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