Date: October 20th, 5:45pm

Location: Doral Arrowwood, 975 Anderson Hill Road, Rye Brook, NY

(Note our new time for increased networking opportunities)

Disruptive Technologies

NJacknis PicFour years ago, Norm Jacknis described the emerging technologies that were on the horizon focused on user interfaces to technology, communications beyond text and the start of the data glut.

For the FWSIM October Program, he will describe where these technologies go next and how machine learning will be embedded in all of them. As he has done before, he will also bring this home to CIOs and IT leaders so they can understand how this will affect their jobs and how they can get ahead of the wave.

About the Speaker:

Dr. Norman Jacknis, Director, Cisco’s IBSG Public Sector Group (the company’s open innovation and pro-bono strategic advisory group), is a globally recognized expert in government innovation and transformation.

At Cisco, since 2008, he has worked extensively and in-depth with the National Association of Counties and the US Conference of Mayors. For the Mayors, he is developing a strategy for the economic viability of American cities in 2030. In addition to his work on economic development, he has also worked at both the Federal and local government level on the creation of collaborative environments for citizens to deliver public services.

Dr. Jacknis has extensive executive and leadership experience in local and state government. Before joining Cisco in Feb. 2008, Jacknis served more than ten years as CIO and commissioner of Westchester County, NY government, where he was responsible for all of the government’s technology, analytics, Internet and broadband activities, as well as technology-based economic development. In addition to the County government, he provided these services to municipalities and other non-profit community organizations.

Norm is currently the FWSIM chapters’ Chairman Emeritus and over the years has held several leadership positions within our chapter including President.